What is the Diennet Treatment?

By using not one method or school of thought, but, mixing together several that Dr. Diennet has encountered and studied in his more than 4 decades-long career as a Medical Doctor, Dr. Diennet is able to provide you with the perfect complex custom formula suited just for your needs and wishes.

More specifically, the Diennet Treatment is a complex mixture of:



Also known as Conventional Medicine is the use of pharmaceutical medicine to give our bodies the kick they need. The drugs interact with receptors or enzymes in cells to achieve a desired result. These are also used in sub-clinical/Homeopathic doses. (See: Homeopathy below.)


(also known as similia similibus by Ancient Romans and Greeks) - Defined as the treatment of illness and disease with extracts made from certain glands of animals, such as the thyroid or adrenal glands.


The treatment of illness and disease with extracts made from plants and herbs.


As we definite it, homeopathy is the employment of medicine being delivered in sub-clinical doses (i.e. Very, very small doses.) In this manner, we are able to avoid reactions and side-effects, achieving the maximum amount of results with the minimum amount of issues to the patient.

Dr. Diennet has, for years, scoured the world in search of the best treatment methods on Earth. Cherry-picking the most effective treatments from a range of different cultures such as:

Jesuit Priests, European Herbalism and Germanic Homeopathy

The Jesuits of the Black Forest (with whom Dr. Diennet studied as a young boy,) have used naturally occurring ingredients since the Dark Ages to treat patients quite successfully. Dr. Diennet incorporated what he learned in his younger years into The Diennet Treatment.

Doctor Diennet visiting Africa

African (Nigerian/Biafran) Herbal Extracts

During Dr. Diennet’s work treating starvation victims in Africa as well as providing aid to victims of the Nigerian-Biafran Civil War, he came upon herbs employed by Tribal Witch Doctors. He saw the effectiveness of some of the herbs and incorporated these herbs into the Diennet Treatment as well.

Traditional Chinese medicine

During his time in the Vietnam War (In which Dr. Diennet opened an orphanage for Polio victims that continues to be the largest hospital in the Phu My region of Vietnam,) he learned and incorporated many Chinese methods of treatment and diagnosis such as Homeopathy and Osteopathy (a treatment and diagnosis method that emphasizes the relationship between structure and function in the body, and the ways it can be affected through manipulative therapy and medicine.)

Ancient GrecoRoman medicine

Opo- and Phytotherapy is derived from the practices of Ancient Mediterranean Doctors and healers. Though they didn’t get EVERYTHING right (Consuming Cow brain to make oneself more intelligent will NOT make you more intelligent,) the Similia Similibus principal is extremely effective in the realm of hormones and, as usual, proves that the Classical Era got most things right.