History of The Diennet Institute

Dr. Diennet and the Creation of the Diennet Custom Medical Weight Loss Treatment

Dr. Marcel Diennet’s research on malnutrition started during the Biafra War in 1968, when he was working with the International Red Cross in Nigeria. After landing with a cargo plane carrying food and medication, Dr. Diennet and his party set out to help the starving children suffering from malnutrition by providing them with food. Within hours, the children who had eaten began to die.

Dr. Diennet realized, after performing autopsies on the children, that starvation produced an imbalance in hormones that weakened organs to the extent that food could not be metabolized. The solution: he needed to correct the children’s hormonal imbalance before feeding them. The remaining children were given hormone-boosting medication, and no more children died.

For the next three years Dr. Diennet continued to treat victims of malnutrition in the third world, and prisoners who were on hunger strikes. In 1971, Dr. Diennet volunteered to go to Vietnam, where, with the help of the US Army, he built a 150-bed pediatric hospital and orphanage for crippled children. When the Vietnam War ended in 1975, Dr. Diennet was forced to leave.

Upon Dr. Diennet’s return to Paris, he set out to establish a private medical practice. However, he faced a major challenge. Although he was a talented doctor, specializing in weight gain for starving people in developing countries, his talents were seemingly not useful in France, where starvation was rarely a problem. The solution to Dr. Diennet’s challenge presented itself when a French model asked him to help her eliminate cellulite. He realized then that there was a way to leverage his extensive research on starvation and weight gain to benefit people in France who needed to lose weight.

According to Dr. Diennet’s research, weight fluctuation is directly linked to hormonal balance or imbalance -- your hormones can dictate whether you are fat or thin. So, by reverse engineering the process he used to help people gain weight, he could help people lose weight. Once Dr. Diennet had successfully helped the French model to lose weight and gain confidence, word spread quickly about his effective medical weight loss approach, and he went on to treat many others – including political leaders, royalty and celebrities. Eventually, Dr. Diennet’s weight loss treatment was recognized and covered by France’s national health insurance system, as well as those of other European countries.

Since 1975, the doctor has successfully treated more than 130,000 patients around the world seeking a permanent weight loss solution with the Diennet Institute’s custom medical weight loss treatment.