If you’re overweight, it’s not your fault.
Want to lose weight? We’ll make it easy.

Micaela has been on the program for 6 months and lost 30lbs.

If you’re overweight, it’s not your fault.
Want to lose weight? We’ll make it easy.

Noemi has been on the program for 9 months and lost 46lbs.

If you’re overweight, it’s not your fault.
Want to lose weight? We’ll make it easy.

Marissa has been on the program for 3 months and lost 18lbs.

5 reasons
Why you're overweight and it's not your fault.

Hormonal Imbalance.

It is a widely held belief that most people are overweight because they overeat and are lazy. Those people are wrong. Being overweight is not a choice. All weight gain is caused by hormonal imbalances. A hormonal imbalance is caused by an internal organ, normally a gland (thyroid, suprarenal). But, sometimes other major organs, such as your liver, are not doing their jobs properly. They are not doing their jobs properly because they are damaged. Read on to learn more!

The food you eat is extremely unnatural.

We live in a time where we are forced to eat unnatural foods that our bodies haven't adjusted to. These highly artificial foods are unable to be properly digested by our slowly evolving bodies, so we store this undigested food as fat. Even foods labeled as 100% organic (according to the FDA) are sprayed with bacteria killing poisons and have synthetic vitamins and minerals added. If they don't, they are unable to be sold. It's a good idea in theory, because we are able to produce enough food for everyone, but there is a downside. There are now more cases of obesity than any other time in history. We can make you immune to this.

Your body is damaged.

We hear many people say, "But, what about all those people who are skinny and can eat whatever they want?" Well, you've just answered your own question. There's a small percentage of people (23%) who have an extremely heightened metabolism. Their bodies don't even TRY to absorb the bad chemicals and artificial ingredients, because they got lucky enough to be born with super powered bodies that have evolved to keep up. These are the people who never think twice about having desert and can eat two or three times as much as you and stay thin. Sorry for those of you who aren't naturally blessed with that superpower, but that's what we're here to give you.

You actually ARE addicted to food.

You might be thinking, "That's all fine and good, but, what if I actually DO eat more than all my slender companions?" Maybe you try to keep up, but you just LOVE food so much that you can't help yourself. Sometimes you might not even really crave something, but you mindlessly eat servings and servings of it, later saying "I didn't even want that in the first place!" Believe it or not, that is also NOT your fault. It all comes back to the additives in our food. Food today is literally designed to make you addicted to it. You can't even drink water without ingesting loads of added sugar. It's a tricky subject because obviously you need food to survive, but there is a certain point where it is simply an addiction. We know, it's starting to sound like a battlefield out there. And in a way it is, but it is all 100% avoidable and curable.

You are too stressed out.

Your body doesn't know the difference between being yelled at by your boss or being chased by a saber-toothed tiger. Now, maybe more than ever, people of all ages are extremely stressed. Stress causes you to gain a tremendous amount of weight, because your body processes it as life threatening danger. This triggers your body to store as much fat as possible in order to help you to survive. One of the many ways our treatment works is be relieving that stress. To sum it all up, our treatment works by fighting artificial ingredients, balancing your hormones, combating food addiction, by relieving stress, and optimizing every single food-related brain function, gland, and organ in your body.

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No exercise, minimal dieting.
We're not like other weight loss programs. We don't make you eat almost nothing and go to the gym all the time, and then pretend we are the ones that helped you lose weight.

  • We REQUIRE you to eat 3 meals a day.
  • We do NOT recommend an increase in exercise, nor do we require ANY exercise at all.

#1: Diennet hyper-activates your metabolism and hormonal system

It fixes your damaged endocrine system by making it evolve into a better system.

Your thyroid, suprarenal, hypothalamus, kidney and pancreas glands are all strengthened naturally.

We do NOT include any artificial hormones in our treatment that teach your body to stop producing its own hormones.

#2: Diennet rebalances the bacterial microbiome of your stomach

You no longer have the natural amount of vegetable and meat bacteria in your stomach.

Unfortunately, it’s the bacteria in your stomach that sends cravings to your brain and they’re killed all the time by pesticides and antibiotics (except sugar and carb bacteria, they’re mostly left untouched.)

So, we promote the regrowth of vegetable and meat bacteria (or ONLY vegetable, if you’re vegetarian) so that you can crave things that are good for you.

#3: Diennet completely revitalizes your brain, the way it functions and the way you feel

By doubling your brain activity and brain elasticity, Diennet makes it possible for you to drop old habits and form new ones much easier. Also, Diennet makes you think better and feel better, improving focus, mental acuity, drive, energy and moods.

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Dr. Marcel Diennet's research on malnutrition started during the Biafra War in 1968, when he was working with the International Red Cross in Nigeria. After landing with a cargo plane carrying food and medication, Dr. Diennet and his party set out to help the starving children suffering from malnutrition by providing them with food. Within hours, the children who had eaten began to die.

Dr. Diennet realized, after performing autopsies on the children, that starvation produced an imbalance in hormones that weakened organs to the extent that food could not be metabolized. The solution: he needed to correct the children's hormonal imbalance before feeding them. The remaining children were given hormone-boosting medication, and no more children died. [...]

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