Meet Dr. Diennet

Doctor Marcel Diennet is an internationally recognized and respected Medical Doctor as well as a noted Humanitarian and Human Rights Activist.

Born into poverty himself, he was able to work his way up from nothing to attend the World-famous Medical University of Paris and become a Certified Endocrinologist (Hormone Doctor) and Medical Doctor.

He began his career as a War-Medic and Relief Doctor for the International Red Cross.
His research and expertise took him from the Warzones of Africa and Asia to the Royal Palaces of Europe and the Sky-Scrapers of America.

His work as a charitable Doctor during both the Biafran Civil War of Nigeria and the Vietnam War (where he acted as a medic for the US Armed Forces and opened an Orphanage for Handicapped and Polio-infected children AS SEEN IN THE DOCUMENTARY TO THE LEFT OF THIS TEXT) led to his development of The Diennet Treatment; a Reverse-Engineered treatment method based on his research of Starvation in the Third World that he now uses to help people lose weight in the First World.