“It’s simple. If you wanna lose weight, take the pills. If you don’t…then, don’t.”

- Micaela

Custom-Made for Micaela

Micaela came to the Diennet Institute wanting to lose 30 pounds and have her PMS symptoms relieved.

Name Micaela
Age 22
Location Los Angeles, CA

Achieved Goals

Lost 30 Pounds
Relieved PMS Symptoms
Improved Skin & Nails

"Before going on the pills, I had lost about 10 lbs on my own. I was doing well but I still wasn’t anywhere near where I wanted to be. After I saw how well the pills worked for my friend, I had to jump on board. Within the first month, I had already lost 7 stubborn pounds that I had never been able to lose before. I’ve been on the pills for about 5 months now and I’m down to my goal weight that I honestly never thought I would reach"

Based on Micaela’s medical needs, she was a perfect candidate for these treatments. We combined all three treatments into a single, custom made formula that she takes twice a day.