“It changed my life! I lost 46 lbs WHILE focusing on college and work.”

- Noemi

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Custom-Made for Noemi

Noemi came to the Diennet Institute wanting to lose over 40 Pounds, have her PMS symptoms relieved, and regain some energy

Name Noemi
Age 23
Location Los Angeles, CA

Achieved Goals

Lost 46 Pounds
Relieved PMS Symptoms
Regained Energy
Balanced Her Moods

"I’ve been overweight my whole life. Despite any obvious health issues, my friends and family were still opposed to me losing weight. I was an employee at the Diennet Institute for 2 years, and even though it was an obvious solution, I decided to not go on the pills because my friends and family were against it. In 2016, I finally made the decision to give the pills a try. Now, I’m not only no longer overweight, I’m actually thin! I never thought this could be me. "

Based on Noemi’s medical needs, she was a perfect candidate for these treatments. We combined all treatments into a single, custom made formula that he takes twice a day.