See what Diennet Institute patients are saying about the Diennet custom medical weight loss treatment!


"If you are looking for a diet that works, this is it! Dr. Diennet handles this with the outermost professionalism and his stuff is always ready to help and answer all the questions you might have. Great experience!"


"I have tried many diets but after having kids it seems food is always around me and I can't control myself. The diet pills really help curb my appetite and keep up my energy. I am very happy I found diennet. "


"I have used this program successfully for over a year. My appetite is curbed and my weight is maintained. I feel great and I am most satisfied with the results. I highly recommend it."

Martha Parry

"I have been on and off for many years I find that these pill make you loss weight in the hard to hit spots"


"The Diennet Program changed my life: my weight, health, self confidence, and how I feel Now I am 146 lbs and a size 8. I work out 5 - 6 times a week!"


"These supplements really work. I thought I would feel TERRIBLE not having my sugar but after a couple of weeks, I have never felt better. This is a great program. There should be some way to have insurance companies working with this program so it would be easier for us."

Gail Perna

"The first time I started this diet was 8 years ago and I looked at myself and couldn't believe that someone who never had a weight problem was up almost 30 lbs. My friend recommended this and I lost more than I wanted to by following the program. Now 8 years later (and obviously older) the same thing happened. I lost the weight again....only this time it is a little more difficult to stay away from sweets. But I am working out much more. It's difficult after a lifetime of eating a certain way without any problems of weight gain to realize that I must cut sweets out altoghther. I am not one who can have one or two pieces and be satisfied. But from experience, how much better I feel being able to go into my closet and be able to zip up anything I have and have a good feeling about the way I look. This is a great change of life way to loose weight....and if one needs a litte be it!"

Renea Middleton

"I am a yo-yo dieter. I have done every diet imaginable. THIS WORKS!!! I have referred several people to this program due to them asking what I have done. It so amazing!!! You must do it!! It works!! The program is so easy to follow and the pills are formulated for you personally. I love Diennet!!"

Tania S.

"I have lost a total of 33 pounds during the three month program. I'm 5'3 and was 155lbs when I started. I'm now a healthy 122 pounds and feel great. The pills gave me the extra support I needed to help me with my goal of loosing the weight. I have reordered the maintenance package to learn how to keep the weight off."


"I ordered Diennet 2 weeks ago, and still waiting. Can't wait to get these pills because I heared how good these pills are. Two of my friends lost 30 - 35 lbs in 3 months. I will update my story when I get the pill and start diennet diet. p.s. How long will it take to get the pill> I heard avg. 5 weeks? is it right?"

Katie Sweeting

"I have lost a total of 27 pounds with your program since last year. I just reordered for maintenance today. It really works and I feel great. "

Mae Dorfman-Weinstein

"I have maintained my weight loss for well over 13 year's on this program! " Thank You Dr. Diennet " I Feel Incredable ! It's so nice knowing that this program really work's.... At 53.....I am wearing my bikini.!"

cheryl hiltzik

"I had no problem maintaining a size 14 most of my life. I did not consider myself fat, just large. However after having children my size seemed to stabilize at a size 16. This was in 1994. I will never forget when my girl friend told me about this Dr. in Beverly Hills with the RX for weight loss. Since that time I have maintained my weight and size is now an 8. I love Dr. Diennet..."

Docteur, J’ai 53 ans, je fais partie de vos patients depuis 1994, Je tiens à souligner que j’ai suivi votre traitement pendant 16 années, celui-ci n’a été interrompu que lors de deux grossesses en 1994 et 1999, sans aucun effort, je n’ai eu durant cette période aucun besoin d’autres médicaments. Lara Nort


"My doctor recommended this program. This program really works!! I have tried many different diet programs but nothing worked for me. Always I have end up gaining more weight. DIENNET program is different than others. It is safe, effective and has no side effect. I highly recommend this program to everybody. "

Eva Sallinger

"Very good program, I already lost 9 pounds in 2 weeks. I feel much better, I have 15 more to lose."

Gloria Lynn

"I learned about the Diennet weight loss program many years ago via my Gynecologist in West Hollywood, CA. After having tried numerous diet programs, some were somewhat effective and others not at all, not to mention the money I spent, I decided to take my Doctors advice and invest in Diennet and could not be more thankful and happy that I did! I began my Diennet weight loss program in 2006. I am 5'5" tall and weighed 194 lb. This was the heaviest I had ever been, in fact for the first time, I found myself at Lane Bryant purchasing a suit to wear to a business event... I was simply sick that I had become "obese", which were the exact words that my General Practitioner documented on my medical paperwork for the necessary testing for the Diennet weight loss program. My average size most of my adult life ranged between140 - 155 lb. basically a size 8 - 10. I followed the Diennet program faithfully and lost on average 10 pounds per month, just as the diet described I would. I was ecstatic! I lost a total of 84 pounds and have kept the weight off (continuing the maintenance program of course) 7 years now. I now wear a size 2, sometimes a 4 and I feel fantastic! At 49 years old and having just gone through menopause I must say that I am very blessed! My Gynecologist said that I should be a poster child for Diennet, as the transformation is astounding, so much that people that I had not seen in years did not even recognize me. I LOVE THE DIENNET PROGRAM!!! "

Jennifer Smail

"Been using these 1 years and ive lost so much weight (forty pounds) and have kept the weight off. I love you, Diennet!"

Raj Patharkar

"I love Diennet! I have lost 20 pounds in 3 weeks. Thats amazing! I have tried many other weight loss programs, and finally have found one that is effective."

"The program is easy and happy with result. Highly recommand to everyone who cant do it alone. I have very busy life with three kids, no time to work out. I would of never lost 20 pounds and be able to maintain. I just have 5 more pound to go!"

Docteur, J’ai 53 ans, je fais partie de vos patients depuis 1994, Je tiens à souligner que j’ai suivi votre traitement pendant 16 années, celui-ci n’a été interrompu que lors de deux grossesses en 1994 et 1999, sans aucun effort, je n’ai eu durant cette période aucun besoin d’autres médicaments. Je vous remercie de prendre le temps de me lire et dans l’attente d’une réponse de votre part, vous prie de croire, Docteur en l’assurance de ma parfaite considération.

Sheila Cross

"How great it would be if both doctors and health insurance companies realized the value of Diennet and could get thousands and thousands of people on the program. So much more cost effective than treating all these consequences of overeating. I have a friend who is having a form of band surgery. That is so costly, has serious risks and will not take her unending cravings away. Diennet is the way to go!"


"I have tried every diet out there..and every diet had let me down..this is the one diet i have stuck to..i am down roughly 23pounds..i like this diet because you see the results and the pills are formulated to your body..not like other pills that cater to definitely curbs my appetite..and i would absolutely recommed this product to anyone..its easy to follow and the results make you feel great!"


"The Diennet Diet is the only program I have ever done that has successfully curbed my appetite for sugar. I feel great while on the program and have had the desired weight loss."