Biohack your body. Supercharge your genetics.

We are the world's first and longest running medical biohacking treatment center on earth.

  Let us build a unique, customized medical treatment to help you become the best version of yourself.

  • Lose Weight Gain Energy Improve Sex Life Feel Younger
  • Relieve Pre-Menstrual Syndrome Balance Your Moood Relieve Menopause Prevent Gray Hairs
  • Relieve Andropause Relieve Chronic Fatigue Quit Smoking Strengthen Hair
  • Heal Scars Relieve Blemishes Strengthen Nails Look younger
  • Relieve Cellulite Make Diets Easy Slow the Aging Process Relieve Hot Flashes
"Change starts from the inside"

Dr. Marcel Diennet, MD
Creator of the Diennet Treatment Algorithm

"It changed my life! I lost 46 lbs WHILE focusing on college and work."

Noemi has been on the program for 9 months and lost 46lbs and 13.4 BMI points.

Strengthened Skin and Nails Relieved PMS Gained Energy Relieved Blemishes
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“It definitely changed my life, for the better, there’s a 100% chance you’ll love your body after”

Marissa has been on the program for 3 months and lost 18lbs.

Relieved PMS Improved energy/focus
Lengthened / Strengthened Hair
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"It's simple. If you wanna lose weight, take the pills. If you don't…then, don't."

Micaela has been on the program for 6 months and lost 30lbs and 5.4 BMI points.

Relieved PMS Gained Energy
Strengthened skin and nails
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Weight Loss
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Sex Drive
Hair Growth
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Our treatments are all about balance

Whether you are trying to lose weight, quit smoking, or simply just wanting to feel better as a whole; we can help!
Our treatments are unique.
We work from the bottom up, addressing the core of the problems, usually related to hormonal imbalances, so your body heals itself.
When you are balanced, you don't have constant cravings, your hair does not fall out, and your mood does not fluctuate.
You tell us your symptoms, we analyze your system, and we create a one of a kind, unique treatment for you.
Besides maximizing effectiveness, our approach provides long-lasting results, and permanent solutions.

Keeping patients happy for over 40 years

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What sets us apart?

Our treatment works.
It works because it is real medicine tailored to your one-of-a-kind genetic makeup/hormonal system.
We don't make supplements.
We don't make vitamins.
We don't make just some herbal concoction.
And we DO NOT make one-size-fits-all identical factory drugs, like our competitors.
We make a real prescription medication designed specifically for you. Your treatment will not work as intended on anyone else but yourself. It is made especially for you and you alone.

Backed by science. Personalized for you

Our products are supervised by multiple doctors who see you in person.

Our products are hand-made in the United States by licensed
compounding pharmacists. NOT IN A FACTORY.

No two treatments are the same. Every treatment is unique.

We've helped our patients lose over

3,000,000 lbs

since 1977

Dr. Marcel Diennet's research on malnutrition started during the Biafra War in 1968, when he was working with the International Red Cross in Nigeria. After landing with a cargo plane carrying food and medication, Dr. Diennet and his party set out to help the starving children suffering from malnutrition by providing them with food. Within hours, the children who had eaten began to die.

Dr. Diennet realized, after performing autopsies on the children, that starvation produced an imbalance in hormones that weakened organs to the extent that food could not be metabolized. The solution: he needed to correct the children's hormonal imbalance before feeding them. The remaining children were given hormone-boosting medication, and no more children died. [...]

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