Weight Loss

·············· that works!


Our treatments are customized for you, your metabolism, and your personal habits.


A doctor is assigned to you, you have an initial video consultation, and then they follow your treatment to guarantee success.

Experts at your disposal

A team of experts are always available along the way. You can call us/text us/email us with questions at any time.

Real People Behind Every Call

No automatic replies or generic FAQ’s. There is always a real person you can talk to.

Certified Safe

DEA and Board of Pharmacy approved

We are old and experienced

We are NOT new at this; we’ve been serving patients since 1975

First, we learn

You tell us about yourself, your medical history, and your metabolism.

Our questionnaire is carefully designed to get the information we need in order to make your weight loss effective.

The Diennet Institute
Micaela, Dr. Johnson is ready for you

Then, we talk

We schedule you a free consultation with the doctor that was assigned to you.

The doctor will go over your questionnaire, get more information when needed.

We will also require a blood test to make sure not a single detail about your metabolism goes unnoticed.

Now, the secret sauce

Real, down to the smallest detail, weight loss customization

Based on what we learned about you, and using data from more than 40 years of experince, our doctors and our team of experts, create a custom formula to balance your hormones and help you lose weight in the most natural, possible way.

Doctor Johnson
e-prescription sent to the pharmacy
Received. We will begin working on it asap
Prescription ready to be shipped out
The Diennet Institute
Excellent! we will confirm delivery address with Micaela so it ships today
The Diennet Institute
Micaela, your prescription should be delivered tomorrow. The tracking number is ...

is key

Our system allows our experts, our doctors, and our pharmacies to keep open channels of communication at all times.

Given the complexity of creating such a customized treatment (which is also hand-made), clear and simple communication amongst all parts is crucial for success.

Delivered to your door

We work with pharmacies around the country.

Your treatment will be delivered to your door from the pharmacy that’s closest to you.