How it Works

Every formula is customized and hand-compounded for you and only you.

Your treatment will come in 3 capsules that you take twice a day, once at 11AM and once at 5PM.

It works in 3 ways.

  1. It hyper-activates your metabolic and hormonal system. We force your endocrine system to evolve into a better, hyper-charged version of itself by naturally strengthening your thyroid, hypothalamus, kidney, and pancreas glands. All with NO artificial hormones.
  2. It balances the bacterial microbiome of your stomach. Because of all the pesticides and antibiotics you consume regularly, you no longer have the necessary amount of vegetable and meat bacteria in your stomach. This bacteria in your stomach is what's responsible for signaling cravings to your brain. We promote regrowth of vegetable and meat bacteria (OR only vegetable, if your vegetarian) so that you crave more of what's good for you.
  3. It revitalizes brain function by doubling brain elasticity. This makes it so your "lizard brain" isn't as active. It becomes incredibly easy to form new, better habits. This also helps to improve your focus, mental acuity, drive, energy, and moods.